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May 31, 2005

Volume II                          News and Commentary                           Issue IV

      by Robert Bank News and Commentary

Liar’s Club?

At the Department of Zoning’s recent public meeting on April 5, 2005, at the Copernicus Center, 5216 W. Lawrence Avenue, longtime Jefferson Park resident Mrs. Hantel asked why the City isn’t listening to the strong objections of neighboring homeowners who don’t want Demetrios “Jimmy” Kozonis’ proposed 7-story 132 condo building planned to be built across the alley from their single family homes? The City’s Department of Planning and Development’s (DPD) Denise Roman once again had the gall to answer “there is no plan”.Ms. Roman’s nose must grow longer each time she utters that phrase, for on March 9, 2004, I along with several residents witnessed Ms. Roman testify at City Hall in favor of Mr. Kozonis’ 7-story 132 condo plan! There was even testimony regarding cost per square foot along with an artist’s rendition of the twin 7-story condos! This isn’t the first time that City officials have lied to the public by stating  there is no plan”. During Mayor Daley’s October 2002 budget hearing Ms Roman’s DPD superiors, Rosie Andolino and Brenda McKenzie also made the same statement when a request was made to “vet” ( background check) the developer before the City starts assembling parcels of land and taxpayer money to give to developer Jimmy Kozonis. What’s really amazing is that these “there is no plan” statements directly contradict earlier testimony given by then DPD Commissioner Alicia Mazur-Berg who on January 23, 2002, stated that “this project has been proposed for quite some time now.” Also getting into the act is Alderman Levar, who as late as Sunday, October 24, 2004 distributed flyers stating that “No formal plan has been submitted and no plan is pending approval” Then why  did Alderman Levar’s aide Terry Boyke testify for the 7-story plan, six month’s earlier at the March 9, 2004 Community Development Committee (CDC) hearing at City Hall, “I know Mr. Kozonis personally and look forward to working with his team to get this thing going” ?




01-22-2002 “this project has been proposed for quite some time now”DPD Commissioner Alicia Mazur-Berg


10-  -2002  “There is no plan” DPD Rosie Andolino and DPD Brenda McKenzie


03-9-2004  “I know Mr. Kozonis personally and look forward to working with him and his team to get this thing going”Alderman Levar’s aide Terry Boyke


03-9-2004  testifies for the 7-story condo project DPD’s Denise Roman


10-24-2004 “No formal plan has been submitted and no plan is pending approval” Ald. Levar’s letter


04-5-2005 “there is no plan” DPD’s Denise Roman




Yes, It Is an Issue!

Tuesday, June 7th 2005, 6:00 pm at the Jefferson Park Library, 5363 W. Lawrence, at the 45th Ward Republican Party’s June monthly meeting, besides having guest speaker DuPage County State’s Attorney Joe Birkett, the GOP will also discuss the subject of the City’s action to use “eminent domain” against the Sportif Importers Bike Store at 5225 W. Lawrence Avenue. The City wants to a take Mr. Zordani’s bike store and Walter Oglaza’s vacant land where Mr. Oglaza  had his own plan to build a 2-story medical center, and give it to favored developer and Alderman Levar campaign contributor Jimmy Kozonis, who wants to build a 7-story, 132 unit condo on the bike shop property and adjacent parcels. In addition to several strip malls up and down Milwaukee Avenue, Mr. Kozonis also owns Veteran’s Square, the old Woolworth/ Footlocker store, Cowhey Materials yard, the lots on either side of the Sportif Bike store (one of the lots is where the Comcast trucks are parked), the land the CVS drug store sits on, the parking lot at Lipps and Lawrence Avenues (where a former 2-story gothic revival terra cotta bldg.once stood) to name a few.

Subliminal Movie Review: The 1999 James Bond thriller, The World Is Not Enough


Parallel Universes

39th Ward                                                                               45th Ward

New street lights along Lawrence Avenue .                                        Rusty 1960’s street lights.

38th Ward                                                                               45th Ward

Beautifully restored and landscaped Portage Park.                             Run down Jefferson Park. last                                                                                                                                          landscaped??? Wilson Park isn’t much better.

38th Ward                                                                               45th Ward

Cross-walks near schools painted bright yellow-green.                                 Poorly marked or worn-out crosswalks.                                                                                                                                                         

41st Ward                                                                                45th Ward

Zoning Advisory Council holds announced public meetings                     No Zoning Advisory Council, lack of notice.

regarding zoning changes, where all are welcome to attend.              Notice usually given only to those that live

                                                                                                          Within 250 feet of subject property.




(you still must call the Zoning Committee chair Ald. Banks’ office at (312) 744-6857 to find out what is on the agenda until a week before the meeting when it is available online)


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